The Legendary Study Aid For PRITE, Made By Residents, For Residents


About the Guides . . .

In 2007 a group of residents in the Loma Linda Department of Psychiatry set out to create a high-yield PRITE guide- the Ninja PRITE. Equipped with laptops and pencil-marked PRITEs from the last 5 years and enough junk food to feed a small country, the “Loma Linda Department of Psychiatry’s PRITE Workshop” was started. After multiple revisions to the guide over the years, The Ninja’s Guide to PRITE highlights the most important areas of testing interest.

Study Guide: This is a high-yield comprehensive summary of must-know/highly tested PRITE topics sourcing from the Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Review, Essentials of Psychopharmacology by Schatzberg and Nemeroff, the APA Psychiatry Textbook and others.

Question Guide: This is a collection of mini stems with answers representing nearly all PRITE questions from 2001-2020 (+3,600 questions). It is divided into sections based on relevance and further categorized by frequency of questions. If a question has been featured more than once, a (#x) appears at the end of the question.

Virtual Learning Guide: This is something new and very different. Want to put together a ground rounds that isn't boring? Want to prepare an interactive lecture that keeps your learners engaged? We've put together an extensive guide to team learning in the era of social distancing.

Best of Ninja Luck,

Melissa Pereau, MD

Child Question Guide (1st Ed)

Thank You to All The Residents Who Have Contributed to The Ninja's Guide to PRITE:

Class of 2008: Andy Hayton, Bryan Wick, Lucia Cheng, Tao Yan, Melissa Pereau Class of 2008: Andy Hayton, Bryan Wick, Lucia Cheng, Tao Yan, Melissa Pereau - Class of 2009: Serina Srikureja, Katie Roman - Class of 2010: Timothy Lee, Christoff Le Roux, Aimee Ellison, Daman Brar Williams, Nabi Latif, Carolina Osorio - Class of 2012: Frank Randall, Serafin Lalas - Class of 2013: Claudia Carmona, Joseph Liu - Class of 2015: Darcy Trenkle, Jared Gorsuch - Class of 2016: Piotr Pelc, JD Lii, Martin Wu - Class of 2017: Melissa Urquhart, Shannon Remick, Laura Obit, Rachel Nguyen, Rebecca White, Tagbo Arene - Class of 2018: Jamian Reed, Maryellen Eller, Brent Willard, Tanya Josic, Moshin Rajani, Pharez Rolle, Mona Mojtahedzadeh - Class of 2019: Rajiv Johnson, Aaron Heffner, Neil Abidi, Andrew Dornan, Sam Althauser, Rayek Naliz, Rachel Huso - Class of 2020: Hans von Walter, Aaron Gilmore, Kevin Nowrangi, Anthony Yeo, Mark Ard, Eric McDonald, Sam Lee, Neal Christopher - Class of 2021: Tyler Cottrell, Blaire Heath, Jeeyoon Jung, Rosa Chung, Bianca Rebolledo, Tom Parisi, Tonie Beltran, Monique Harrison, Amanda Lim, Mamdouh Hanna, Natalie Artinian - Class of 2022: David Sheely, Joy Launio, Caleb Ho-a-Shoo, Vivian Nguyen, Ariana Martinez, Willa Song, Christian Bernardo - Class of 2023: Gretchen Ascher, Elizabeth Ma, Nate Hoyt, Chetan Bhat, Sith Riantawan, Mohamed El- Menshawi, Max Schauermann, Adam Borecky; Child and Adolescent Fellows - Class of 2023: Elicia Fernandez, Spencer Yeh - Class of 2024: Sunpreet Singh, Victoria Burghart, Victoria Agee, Mikyla Cho, Dawn Hur, Teresa Shu, Raveena Toor, Kendall Wong - Class of 2025: Adriana Alvarez, Patricia Shi, My Phuong Tong, Benjamin Robinson, Matthew Hagele, Christopher Garabet - Class of 2026: Ariel Odlum, Akash Patel, Kristen Kim