Our Faculty

·         Timothy Lee, M.D.- Program Director, LLUH Consult & Liaison
·         Melissa Pereau, M.D.- Associate Residency Program Director, Medical Student Clerkship Director, Adult Inpatient/Partial
 Hospital Programs (DBT, Innovations, Eating Disorder)
·         Ara Anspikian, M.D.- Child/Adol, Partial and IOP, Child Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Director
·         Stephanie Bolton, M.D.- Geriatric Psychiatry, Inpatient Unit, Medical Student Behavioral Sciences Course Director
·         Pharez Rolle, M.D.- Child/Adol, Inpatient Unit and Partial Hospitalization Program
·         Cameron Johnson, M.D.- Adult Inpatient/ Adult Partial Hospital Program
·         Serafin Lalas, M.D.- Child/Adol, Inpatient Unit, Intensive Outpatient Programs
·         Kristen Abrams, M.D.- VA Consult and Liaison
·         Leia Gill, M.D.- VA Inpatient Adult Psychiatry
·         Valerie Leong, M.D.-  VA ED Liaison
·         Athanasios Mihas, M.D.- VA Outpatient/Supervision
·         Claudia Carmona, M.D.- LLUH Outpatient Clinic
·         Teresa Frausto, M.D.- Child/Adol, Medical Director- County of San Bernardino Dept. of Behavioral Health (DBH)
·         William Murdoch, M.D.- Chair of Department of Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
·         Carolina Osorio, M.D.- Geriatric Psychiatry, Adult and Geriatric Partial Hospital Programs, Psychotherapy Clinic Supervisor,
 LLUH Research
·         David Puder, M.D.- Psychotherapy Instructor and Psychotherapy Clinic Supervisor, VA and LLUH Research
·         John Tarr, M.D., Ph.D.- Psychotherapy Instructor
·         Mark Welch, D.O.- Sleep Medicine
·         Venkatesh Bhat, M.D.- VA Outpatient/Supervision
·         Jim, Hwang, D.O.- VA Outpatient/Supervision
·         John Lii, M.D.- VA Inpatient Adult Psychiatry
·         Kristina Jahng, M.D.- VA Outpatient/Supervision
·         Peter Leong, M.D.- VA Outpatient/Supervision
·         Lisa Phillips, M.D.- VA Outpatient/Supervision
·         Ray Verde, M.D.- VA Site Director for Residency Training, VA Outpatient/Supervision
·         William McGhee, M.D.- SACHS Med Management Clinic Supervisor, Psychotherapy Clinic Supervisor
·         Calvin Flowers, M.D.- DBH Outpatient Clinic
·         Jeffrey Moffat, M.D.- DBH Outpatient Clinic
·         Tai Yoo. M.D.- VA Patient-Centered Medical Home Psychiatry Consultant/Supervisor
·         Stephen Harnish, M.D.- VA Inpatient Adult Psychiatry
·         Katia Stoletniy, M.D.- LLUH Substance Use and Recovery Services
·         William Britt, PhD- Psychotherapy Supervisor, Instructor
·         Carlos Fayard, PhD- Psychotherapy Supervisor, Instructor
·         William Roth, PhD- Psychotherapy Supervisor, Instructor
·         Antonia Ciovica, PhD- Psychotherapy Supervisor, Instructor
·         Roger Wenger, PsyD- Psychotherapy Supervisor