What is The Ninja’s Guide to PRITE?

In 2007 a group of residents in the Loma Linda Department of Psychiatry set out to create a high-yield PRITE guide- the Ninja PRITE. Equipped with laptops and pencil-marked PRITEs from the last 5 years and enough junk food to feed a small country, the “Loma Linda Department of Psychiatry’s PRITE Workshop” was started. After multiple revisions to the guide over the years, The Ninja’s Guide to PRITE highlights the most important areas of testing interest.

Now in two parts- a Question Book and a Study Guide, together they are the ultimate studying tool. The Study Guide is a high yield comprehensive summary of must-know/highly tested PRITE topics sourcing from the Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Review, Essentials of Psychopharmacology by Schatzberg and Nemeroff, the APA Psychiatry Textbook and others. New this edition, check out the Maternal Fetal Medicine section in the 2019 Study Guide! Our Question Book is made up of +3,600 questions designed to prepare residents in training for the PRITE exam, emphasizing the questions that have shown up on several PRITE exams over and over again.

Our previous ninja recently had a makeover! We are proud of unveil him this year, illustrated by one of our own residents Monique Harrison, MD.

Best of Ninja Luck,

Melissa Pereau, MD
Associate Psychiatry Residency Training Director
Psychiatry Clerkship Director
Loma Linda Department of Psychiatry

Updated 9/5/19

The Ninja's Guide to PRITE 2019 Study Guide

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The Ninja's Guide to PRITE 2019 Question Book

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