"Our aim is to train psychiatrists who have a breadth of clinical experience spanning the gamut of age, socioeconomic class, ethnicity, and practice setting (including federal, state forensic, county, private hospital, academic medical center, and community health center) that will prepare them well for wherever their psychiatric career leads them. We are also passionate about our graduates having experience in the education of medical students and patients about the importance of mental health for self, and demonstration of the value of psychiatric care. Finally, we equip our residents to integrate spiritual assessment and care into the traditional biopsychosocial model of psychiatric assessment and treatment in order to provide culturally sensitive, patient-centered care, in line with the LLUH mission of Making Man Whole."

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LLU Psychiatry is home to a warm, inclusive, and connected family of residents, led by passionate, innovative faculty through a wide variety of clinical sites that offer rich exposure to psychopathology and practice.

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